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how do i get the red key????


will there be any holiday updates maybe on halloween or christmas?


ill think about it but honestly i dont think im going to update the game anymore

what is coede


what to do here? 


get a brick so you can smash the glass


i loved this game so much that i made an online version! for people who want to play with each other. and its here! (but its really bad. and i mean real bad)

thats really cool!


ye. also i never thought i would get a reply with the curator! also i played many of your games :D

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go right ahead!


Whats the speedrunning strat? I stopped speedrunning this after igt boring

oh i found the speedrunning start. its the code that you start first and its not even boring! its fun!






this game was really fun to play and speedrun



thanks for playing!

no problem :D

How I Open The Safe

find the code in the green door section


Ben Cool




ben do you support lgbtq?

ho ho ho

ben do you support blm?



this is horrifyingly well-made...



It's Not Just Amazing, Its... LIKE A WORK OF ART MAN!!!

lmao ty



I kinda broke the game. i went through a wall

lol how send me a vid if you can

how do I send it and how do I embed video to code???

idk upload to youtube and send link or something



literally my favorite game


love you man, this game has literally been a lifesaver when class is slow


lmao thanks. lmk if theres anything you would like to see added

sounds good man

whoever paid $2 for this bless your soul but you have too much money lmao

put the fuction of enter e backspace in the code, and a new ending, because i find nothing like a new ending or new area like at devlog

ok, ill try think of something

Deleted 269 days ago
Deleted 269 days ago



what da dog doing?




Name of the song? It's fire

the main menu one?

thats ishowspeed - shake


m m  mmmmmmmh

i suck





Yessir full screen and skip!

You got a wr by using full screen?

No I just wanted those things added.



sub 1 second sounds good

i reallly dont know how they did that i deleted it, i think it might be to do with me not writing any rules for the database that stores all the times lol

if you do more levels you should make the code (if there is one) randomly generate so that ppl cant just do it right away.

i probably should do that, though i dont plan on adding much more to the game, would rather just work on a new one.


Cool game ඞ



you should make a discord server cause suggesting stuff in the replies sucks

sure why not lol ill make one now

lets goooo



(2 edits) (+1)

when appears "hes watching" u can click at play button to cast mutiple times "hes watching"

and the right shift do not works

and at fullscreen is cutting the screen

thanks ill try fix all of these

have a bug u can cross the wall, i can show a video later

ok 👍



buff this ben pls

also it'd be nice if you added a skip button to the opening instructions cause it takes like 15 seconds and is lowkey annoying

will do

moth if u can tell me ur disc i can dm u a clip of a run to show its possible to get sub 70 without opening green door before key


literally just got wr without opening green door without key?

add arrow keys to walk

i would but you also need to sprint and interact with e so it wouldnt make much sense to be constantly moving your hand around

lit finally started working again

i got sub 70 without opening green door without key??

why are you deleting sub 70?

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